Bike Repairs

Is your bike not shifting correctly?

It may need a derailleur adjustment, which is a subtle, time consuming job best left to the professionals. Bring in your bike for a tune up today and let us take a look.

Types of Repairs


Tune-ups consist of derailleur adjustments, brake adjustments, wheel alignment, lubrication, bike cleaning, and filling the tires with air.


Bike will be stripped down to bare frame. Wheels, crank, and headset will all be cleaned and rebuilt. Additionally, we will include the complete bike tune-up.

Minor Adjustments

Derailleur adjustments, brake adjustments, wheel alignment, cable replacement, or flat tires fixed. Bring in your bike with a flat tire and we will fix it while you wait!

Major Repairs

Includes service such as major overhauls to complete tune-ups.

All Makes and Models

We are able to repair any style or brand of bicycles including electric, recumbent, tandem, or any on/off-road bike.

Wheel Alignments

Wheel alignments are available for all styles of bikes from BMX to road bikes.